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4. Install a screw lock pushrod connector into the outer hole of the long servo arm as shown with a nylon screw lock retainer. Loosely thread a 2x4mm machine screw into the connector. Center the servos with your radio system and install the servo arm onto the servo parallel to the aileron hinge line as shown with the connector toward the wing tip. Be sure to reinstall the servo arm screw into the servo. Repeat this step for the other aileron servo.



Hinge Line

Hinge Line

5. Connect the Z-bend end from a 90mm aileron pushrod into the second outer hole of a control horn. Insert the other end into the screw lock pushrod connector. Align the pushrod perpendicular to the hinge line and align the holes in the control horns directly over the aileron hinge line. Mark the location of the control horn mounting holes. Repeat this step for the other aileron servo.


6. Drill 5/64" [2mm] holes at the marks you made through the ailerons. Apply a couple drops of thin CA glue to each hole to harden the wood surrounding the holes. When the glue has dried, install the control horns onto the ailerons using four 2x16mm machine screws and control horn backplates. The ends of the screws can be cut off beyond the control horns.

7. Position the aileron in the neutral position and tighten the screw in the screw lock pushrod connector against the pushrod with threadlocking compound. The excess pushrod beyond the pushrod connector can be cut off.

8. Use medium or thick CA to glue the carbon anti-rotation pins into the wing root ribs. The pins should protrude beyond the ribs approximately 5/16" [8mm].

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