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BVA was one of 200 organizations internationally that participated in Art Beyond Sight Awareness Month during October. It was the sixth consecutive year of the Association’s involvement.

The campaign, organized by Art Education for the Blind in New York City, is an international initiative to promote art by and for people with vision loss and other disabilities, and to encourage multimodal approaches to art education and creativity. It recognizes that art education and exposure to the arts are crucial for the advancement of key issues in the education and rehabilitation of people with vision loss and other disabilities.

Activities during the month included the third biennial two-day Art Beyond Sight International Conference on Multimodal Approaches to learning, a telephone conference crash course on art education, and dozens of exhibits, seminars, museum tours, and workshops organized by participating organizations worldwide.

For more information or to request a brochure from this year’s Awareness month, contact Stuart Nelson at BVA National Headquarters.

Convention Manager

Offers Travel Tips

Based on recent research she has conducted, BVA Convention Manager Christina Hitchcock offers the following tips for blinded veterans traveling to upcoming conventions or who are using air travel for other purposes:

1. Pack medicines and other medical supplies in carry-on luggage. The strict limitation on gels and liquids does not apply to prescriptions or other liquids needed by persons with disabilities or medical conditions. However, they must be packed separately in quart-sized, zip-lock bags and declared at the security checkpoint.

2. Note that the limit of one carry-on and one personal item does not apply to medical supplies, equipment, mobility aids, and assistive devices. These items are also exempt from checked baggage restrictions and fees. If blinded veterans have an assistive device (it is always wise to take a spare cane or other prosthetic aids) in their checked luggage, they may request that the fee be waived for that bag. This is not a rule that customer service representatives must follow but it is a courtesy often extended if requested.

Online BVA Newsletter

Boosts Communications

BVA now has a monthly email newsletter, which features articles about the Association’s latest activities and stories about members.

Bulletin readers wishing to receive the newsletter should go to the BVA website Homepage. Click on the newsletter sign-up icon in the lower right corner of the page for the form to appear on the user’s computer screen. The newsletter can also be requested of Kay Starr at email kstarr@bva.org.

Auxiliary’s View

by Joyce Thornton-Gilbert

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