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I have discovered that a firm in New York State will sell these strips directly to veterans who are in a situation like mine. Please contact Stuart Nelson at BVA National Headquarters for further information.

Earl James Ryan

Anaheim, California

Constitutional Literacy

No Longer Top Priority

I am sure my comments here have been discussed many times but, because of their seriousness, I still think they merit repeating. As a Korean War era service-connected blinded veteran who is also a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Korean War Veterans Association, I feel at least somewhat qualified to make these assertions.

The principles of our United States Constitution are not being taught in schools, as far as I can determine. If they are being taught, they are not being learned by our students.

I believe that our nation’s founding principles should be taught in-depth from the first grade all the way through university graduation. I think it is just that important.

I also believe that magazines distributed by VFW, the American Legion, and BVA, along with the history of the wars this country has fought, should be mandatory reading in the schools. And the subjects covered in these publications should be regular reading for all of us.

It really worries me when students from other countries know more about our history and what our Constitution means than do our own children. I hope there is a way our government and concerned citizens can address this issue with our national and local educators.

William B. Stedman

Hyde Park, New York

In Remembrance

The Blinded Veterans Association deeply regrets the deaths of the following blinded veterans.

Alabama R.G.

Jack D. Fields

Florida R.G.

John A. Archer

Charles E. Bishop

John L. Day

Deleon Dias

Howard F. Koch

Stewart F. Martin

Edmund H. Moutran

Ruth Ress

John J. Shumate

James Solomons

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