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Asset Management will maintain Stewardship Listings for the following categories under $1,000.00 in value, but the property will remain the responsibility of the Site or Department Administrator.  The Stewardship Listing will be provided to Site or Department Administrators upon request.

Athletic Equipment



Audio Visual


Musical Instruments

Business Machines



All items listed above with a useful life of a year or more with a unit value of $200.00 and above will be assigned Asset ID Numbers, tagged with the business unit and Asset ID Number by the receiving site, and placed in the Stewardship Listing for tracking and inventory listing purposes, with the exception of furniture.

Furniture with a unit value of $300.00 or more will be assigned individual Asset ID Numbers, tagged with the business unit and Asset ID Number by the receiving site,

and tracked.  

Furniture with a unit value of $299.99 and under will not be assigned Asset ID Numbers.   The receiving site will be responsible for marking these items with a permanent marker.  All equipment must be tagged as “TUSD PROPERTY.”

Disposal Procedure

Surplus District materials (furniture, apparatus, equipment, library books, and supplies), regardless of value, shall be offered through competitive sealed bids, public auction or trade-in except for sales or leases to the state, county, city, or tribal government agency; and, except for the donation of surplus or outdated learning materials to nonprofit community organizations when the cost of selling the materials equals, or exceeds, the estimated market value of the materials.  This does not apply to District real property, real estate, land, school buildings and grounds, or school sites.  

Administrators may not arbitrarily dispose of any furniture, equipment or other TUSD property.  All disposals must go through the Asset Management Office.  Site & Department Administrators must adhere to the following procedures:

Lost or destroyed property will not be removed from the site inventory without the signature of the Site Administrator authorizing the action on the appropriate form.  

Surplus items will be reported to the Asset Management Office on the Property Loss/Disposal/Transfer Report (refer to DID-E).  Arrangements to pick up itemized surplus can be made by contacting Property Control and/or the Asset Management Office in writing by fax, email, or through District inter-office mail.  This will provide Asset Management with all the necessary information and authority to remove the item from the site’s inventory.  Sites may not transfer items directly to another site.

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