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Notes from Peggy McDill-

ence by judges at both ends of the preferred size range, especially when a disqualification is at stake. Such a revision would justify why 11 or 12 inch miniatures, and 16 or 19 inch Standard do not win: they would not fall within the preferred size provisions of a revised breed standard. What would the effect of all this be? reality, having a standard that can be fully applied without resorting to changes involving increases in the maximum size of Toys and miniatures. Should these changes be approved, the parts of the standard dealing with diminutiveness would have to be either revised or eliminated, as they would conflict with the preferred size provisions previously addressed. otherwise our breed standard is among the best, as it describes the essence of the Poodle with eloquence and virtuosity.

Members and Affiliate club sec- retaries please take a moment to check your roster listing for ac- curacy. We will be updating and issuing new inserts this spring following the National Specialty. Corrections and additions can be sent to me at espreepdls@aol.com

From Vickie Haywood

i encourage you to give the above some though and to e-mail me your comments about this and other issues. i can be reached at aizcorbel@bellsouth.net.

Luis Aizcorbe, Miniature Poodle Rep.

Central Carolina Poodle Club President Judy butler Vice President Jane Smith Treasurer edi Coadazzi recording Sec marion epperson Corresponding Sec Vickie haywood

Toy Poodle Rep. Report

i want to congratulate “Vikki”, Ch . Smash JP Win a Victory, number one all breed 2007. What an exciting year to have three Poodles all in the top ten. Congratulations also goes to Ch brighton minimoto and Ch randenn Tristar af- firmation.

i look forward to seeing everyone in april. if i can be of any help to anyone, please contact me at anytime.

lets enjoy our Poodles!

nancy S. hafner Toy Poodle rep. nancyshafner@aol.com

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Unknown

oakwood1@alltel.net board anita Towle Jan gray Kim Tyndall rescue & breeder refferal Caroline hair news letter -Vickie haywood Show Chair-edi Coradazzi

Have you mentored anyone new in the Breed lately? The continuation of our breed in this sport is up to all of you. Mentor someone new in the breed this year.Help them learn to love Poodles the way we all do.Mentor a new person and give back to the Breed and the Sport of pur- bred dogs!

The Poodle Papers /Winter Edition

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