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lems in miniature Poodles.. even though she is aware of the medical problems her cross-variety Poodle has, she would be interested in having another mix as she feels Standards need better fronts and rears.

in the last Poodle Papers i posed the following ques- tions to our members and readers:

What is your opinion of crossing Standard Poodles with miniature Poodles?

What do you feel is gained by cross-variety breed- ing?

and so, Standard breeders, that is all i learned from the little poll. one responder has miniatures, one has Standards and one has a mini/Standard cross. it appears there is not as much concern regarding this subject as i thought. Should anyone else wish to be heard on the subject, you can reach me at ascot@rgv. rr.com.

What do you feel is gained by cross-variety breed- ing?

What other comments would you like to make regard- ing this subject? you may be surprised at the number of responses i received – i was! a total of 3 people responded to the questions – yes, i said Three. i was amazed that more breeders were not interested in having their opinions known on the subject.

but, here, in summary is what i was told: one responder was concerned that there might be problems with puppy size if a smaller bitch were bred to a larger dog. The same person was concerned with structural disproportions that might be encountered. also the comment was made that competing in the breed ring might be difficult with a very small Stan- dard – though that dog might do well in agility. how- ever, why not just work with an over-sized miniature Poodle?

The second responder was concerned with health is- sues – he felt Standard Poodles have more genetic health issues that are passed on to miniatures in cross- variety breeding.

also, if you have pups for sale with all genetic testing done on both sire and dam, let me know. i had a call last night and had but one litter for the potential buyer to consider.

glenna Carlson Standard representative ascot@rgv.rr.com

Housekeeping notes from the Corresponding secretary:

Members and Affiliate club secretaries please take a moment to check your roster listing for accuracy. We will be updating and issuing new inserts this spring following the national Specialty. Corrections and ad- ditions can be sent to me at espreepdls@aol.com

We are also updating the “Constitution and bylaws” to include the addition of email as an option for offi- cial correspondence. a form will be included with the dues notice and Judges nomination ballot. any mem- ber who would like to conduct Poodle Club business via email needs to sign and return the form to me.

The height issue was also mentioned by this breeder who felt 18-19 inch Standard Poodles could not com- pete in the Standard ring today.

an aside from this responder he felt an upper limit should be put on Standard Poodle height. one of his reasons was that that size dog is too large for field work.

The third and last person owns a mini/Standard cross. her Poodle has diseases known to be genetic prob-

We would love all of our members to participate in PCa online. insert http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ pca_on_line (our PCa homepage) and request to join. you can also just send me a post to espreepdls@aol. com and i will add you to the group. We are having a great time talking about our upcoming spring national just now – making meet up plans and reconnecting with poodle friends. barbara furbush recently shared photos from the Salisbury Kennel Club holiday party. maybe we could talk her into letting us all in on the secret hot spots and restaurants – barbara?

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