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American Kennel Club News Article AKC Introduces New Medallions To Rec- ognize Top Breeder/Exhibitors

date of article: January 14, 2008 The american Kennel Club is pleased to introduce special medallions to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of exceptional breeders. breeder- owner-handlers of five or 10 different dogs that have become champions of record who have already earned an original bred-by exhibitor medallion through their participation in aKC events will receive the distin- guished award medallions.

“These breeders and their devotion to and expertise about the sport of purebred dogs are invaluable to the aKC and our sport,” said aKC Vice President of event operations robin Stansell. “These breeders have repeatedly demonstrated exceptional quality by breeding and exhibiting their dogs to championship titles. breeding is the cornerstone of conformation. These breeders have bred great dogs and have shown the dogs they’ve bred. They consistently meet high standards and set a fine example for other purebred dog fanciers to emulate.”

in addition to recognizing Silver level breeders who have earned five Bred-by-exhibitor (BBE) medallions and gold level breeders who have earned 10 bbe medallions, this new recognition program will honor recipients on the aKC website and include them in the pool of outstanding breeders considered for aKC breeder of the year (providing all other criteria are met).

recognize gold level breeders who have earned ten bbe medallions with a new unique medallion. recognize gold and Silver breeders on the aKC web- site. include the gold and Silver breeders in the pool of those considered for aKC breeder of the year compe- tition if all other criteria are met.

2008 aKC/eukanuba national Championship

best in Show judge for the 2008 aKC/eukanuba national Championship, Saturday, december 13 and Sunday, december 14, 2008, is dr. robert Smith of St. Stephens Church, Va. and dr. harry Smith of durham, n.C. will judge best bred- by-exhibitor in Show.

groups Toy – Sandra goose allen – St. Petersburg, fla. non-SPorTing – helen lee James – little- ton, Colo. bred by groups Toy – andrew brace – gwent, uK non-SPorTing – lorraine boutwell - Kansas City, mo. James g. reynolds (Canada) Poodles (Toy) James g. reynolds (Canada) Poodles (minia- ture), Poodles (Standard)


following is from the July 2007 board book when the new medals were approved: ConformaTion eVenTS bred-by-exhibitor recognition darrel hayes, robin Stansell, and bobby birdsong, aKC Staff, participated in this portion of the meeting by video conference. upon motion by mr. goodman, seconded by dr. davies, it was VoTed (unanimous- ly) to approve the following initiatives effective Janu- ary, 2008:

qualifying daTeS are aS folloWS: aKC/eukanuba national Championship: october 10, 2007 to october 7, 2008 aKC national obedience invitational: July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008 aKC agility invitational: July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008

The los encinos Kennel Club, Kennel Club of bev- erly hills and long beach Kennel Club shows will precede the aKC/eukanuba national Championship at the same site on dec. 10-12, 2008.

recognize Silver level breeders who have earned five BBE medallions with a new unique medallion.

The Poodle Papers /Winter Edition

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