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Page 34 i would like to let everyone know there is a rewrite of the WC/WCX rules and guidelines. We have tried to align the WC/WCX rules with the aKC hunt Test rules. The changes are minor but we believe it has made everything a little less confusing. it is important for anyone who is planning to enter WC/WCX to fa- miliarize themselves with these rules and guidelines. They are available in the performance section of the PCa website. PCA Working Poodle Program greetings. it’s January 2008 already! i hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. The april PCa nationals are quickly approaching and the hunt test season is just around the corner. Time to get back to work. PCa has had a realignment of the Working Poodle Pro- gram. The purpose of the realignment was to take the responsibility of the entire program from the shoulders of one person and place it with a committee of four. also available on the PCa website is a document titled “Putting on a PCa WC/WCX Test”. This document contains all the materials needed to put on a WC/WCX test except the test application, which is available at the same site. it is a must read for any club planning on hosting a WC/WCX test in the future. it will make your WC/WCX Chairperson’s life much easier. Joyce Carelli remains the PCa WC/WCX Chairper- son. linda miller has taken over the duties as the PCa hunt Test Chairperson. Claudia Straitiff has assumed the chair of the new- ly formed national Certificate and Me- dallion Program and the WC/WCX Affil- iate education Pro- gram. as the Work- ing Poodle Program director i will over- see the entire pro- gram and hopefully keep things running smoothly. another item of interest for those planning on running in the april 2008 national WC/WCX test. because of the early date this year and the possibility of cold water, we are allowing dogs to wear non floaTaTional neoprene vests. Please note this is for WC/WCX only. Vests are not allowed for aKC hunt tests. The aKC hunt Test run in conjunction with the WC/ WCX test will again hold Junior, Senior and master level tests. linda miller has been working hard with her committee and volunteers to ensure we will have another great series of tests. She also assures me the weather will be warm and sunny. dividing the Work- ing Poodle Program into three divisions should allow for a more efficient operation of this quickly expanding program. i would like to thank Joyce for the outstanding job she did running the en- tire program the last several years. i am especially excited about the WC/WCX Affiliate Education Pro- gram. This should allow for a more standardized WC/ WCX program through the use of seminars hosted by the Affiliate Clubs. We believe that through the use of seminars the program will continue to grow by spawn- ing interest and bringing new people into the program. Seminars were held this year by the Central Caro- lina Poodle Club and Poodle Club of massachusetts. both were well attended. if your club is interested in hosting a seminar, contact Claudia Straitiff via email. cstraitiff@mail.com. Claudia, Joyce, linda and i are looking forward to a great turnout and seeing everyone once again. Train hard, train smart and we will see everyone in april at Crop-les farm. (same place as last year). Cheers, dana Stewart “Photo courtesy of diane lewis”

as we prepare for the national WC/WCX and the as- sociated hunt test on april 19th & 20th of this year,

The Poodle Papers /Winter Edition

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