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i didn’t. in his mind he deemed the situation unsafe, and when you hunt on unfamiliar land during hunting season you want your Poodle to assess the situation and decide for self-preservation above drive. i would much rather come home with a live Poodle than a limit of ducks.

my Poodles are “poodley” – and that’s the way i want them to be. if i wanted labs or some other type of retriever that’s what i would have. a Poodle should look like a Poodle, think like a Poodle, walk and talk like a Poodle. PCa is giving the Poodle every oppor- tunity to return to the field and I believe that is truly happening. more and more Poodles are showing up at Tests and more and more PCA Affiliate Clubs are offering WC/WCX Trials. The medallion awards are one more step PCa is taking to help Poodles return to their roots. – and of course deaux rey completed his gold medallion pass at a local WC/WCX – making him the first Poodle to receive the gold. He also had another first at the 2007 Awards dinner. He is the first medallion winner to sire a medallion winner! his son, fah So earned the bronze medallion.

i’d like to share with you a story that helps explain why i have Poodles and why i love the Poodle mind. This weekend my husband took Deaux Rey fishing. in his retirement deaux rey has become a success- ful fishing Poodle. On Saturday morning, a little after daybreak my husband was getting the boat ready at the boat dock at lake Conroe, north of houston. This is the time deauz rey goes about marking the bushes, getting ready to go riding and fishing in the boat. It is January here in Texas, duck season is in full swing, and hunting is allowed on lake Conroe. my husband saw deaux rey go into the woods and thought nothing of it. a few minutes later my husband looked down from the boat and there is deau rey standing on the dock waiting for someone to come and take the duck out of his mouth a very fresh and edible duck! my husband thinks it was a cripple from the previous day’s hunting, and it was a good thing he had a hunt- ing license because his fishing partner took the duck home and cooked it.

motivates us to work harder and keep going forward

  • i plan to have a lot of fun – win or lose it’s all

progress in the world of hunting Poodles!!! – go for the gold!!! – hunt with a Poodle!!!

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The recipient of the Top Poodle Medallion for Agility at the Invitational sent a thank you to Peggy (PCA). She asked me to pass a copy of that note to PCA members. Figured this list is the best place. Note is below.

hi Peggy – my name is Cindy glover, and i have a wonderful black mini named ravin (short for ravinmaniac). ravin and i just got back from long beach, California where we participated in the aKC agility invitational. it was a long journey for us, as we live in Tampa, florida, but we couldn’t have had a better time. The highlight of our trip was when we learned that ravin was the recipient of the Top Poodle medal- lion awarded by the Poodle Club of america. What a beautiful medallion it is too! i am very honored and thankful to be given this medallion, especially know- ing that the members of PCa truly appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into the building of an agil- ity team. ravin and i started training when he was a year old, we started trialing when he was two years old, and now, at four years old, he has acquired four master agility Championship Titles. he’s an amazing little dog, and i couldn’t be more proud of him. ravin is my first poodle.

There were five poodles invited to the Invitational this year, and every single one of them performed excep- tionally. i was so proud to be representing this breed at the invitational! Poodles are athletic and agile, smart and beautiful! What more can a person ask for in a breed? Poodles rule!

i just wanted to thank the Poodle Club of america for donating this beautiful medallion. i feel very honored to have earned the right to take it home! Thanks so much!

What started as a quest based on my love of a breed and the joy of hunting comes full circle next weekend when i will be showing a 6 to 9 month puppy bitch in conformation as the breeder and handler of deaux rey’s Cool aces acee. Sometimes failure can be what


Cindy glover & maCh 4 Winetime racing ravinmaniac

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