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In Memorium

Gladys L. Renaghan

gladys l. renaghan of beresford Kennels, a past President of the Poodle Club of massachusetts and long time PCa member passed away on december 15, 2007.

gladys began in Poodles with a brown Standard who was a companion for her children maureen, matthew and Peter, and over the years had several blacks and creams. it was the apricots, however that she loved and who brought the most success and recognition to beresford when she began breeding and showing in the 1960s. Poodles in america 1995-1999 lists glad- ys on the honor roll of breeders as the breeder of sev- enteen miniatures, including the apricot beresford’s aladdin. The beresford Poodles were often shown by Jane forsyth or michael Pawasarat although gladys was knows for her skills in maintaining and preparing her dogs for the ring... not included in that Pia listing are the Champion beresford Standards - Captainahab, gay bugle, Stormalong, bouquet, mid day Sun, blue buster, Scarlet ribbon and The Joan’s boy, all listed in previous Pia editions. The quality and consistency of the beresford breeding and showing program was a credit to Gladys and her record of over twenty five champions brought her the respect and admiration of breeders all over the country - more especially in the northeast where she lived and where the competition was notoriously tough.

show she entered, regardless of the blizzard or hur- ricane weather predictions – or her down to earth way of explaining the finer points of Poodle grooming and maintenance to still another newbie.

for many years gladys and her daughter maureen ziko continued to breed and show the beresford dogs, and maureen became an aKC licensed Poodle judge. in more recent years there was less time to devote to the dogs because of gladys’ advancing years and time commitments to children, grand children and family. The beresford Kennel is an important part of the his- tory of Poodles in massachusetts and in the united States because of the devotion gladys gave to her dogs – to their health, disposition, quality, brains and beauty. We were fortunate to have had her insight and intelligence over all these years as a guide and men- tor.

Contributions may be made in gladys’ memory to the Poodle Club of america foundation, inc. 208 Crosby-

town road, quitman, ga 31643-5795

Submitted by mary lebet, President of Poodle Club of mass.

Raffle Help Needed:

Anyone that can help us with the raffle table, please contact me.any amount of time is appreciated.

in addition to her work breeding and showing her dogs gladys for a number of years had a boarding kennel in her hometown of duxbury, and was a valued and admired member of the Poodle Club of massachu- setts. She was accepted into PCa membership and was a supporter of and contributor to PCa over the years. as a PCm member gladys held every post on the board of directors and worked hard on many of the committees that make an Affiliate PCA club function and thrive. She was an early supporter of health testing for Poodles and for several years held eye testing clinics at her kennel and was instrumental in starting a rescue program at PCm that evolved into Poodle rescue of new england. gladys was a valued mentor to many PCm members still currently active in Poodles and they each have a “gladys” story to tell

  • whether it was her determination to make it to every

i look forward to seeing everyone in Salisbury in april and to another great Raffle!

alice Wolaniuk Patty moulthrop

e mail: awolaniuk@netgazers.net

Phone: 410-755-6719

445 Sassafras rd, Warwick, md. 21912

The Poodle Papers /Winter Edition

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