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Remembering Jacky

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Jacky judging the Toy group at Westminster in 1990. The win- ner was the Pekingese Ch. Wendessa Crown Prince, handled by luc boileau for owner edward Jenner. Photo courtesy of Poodle Variety magazine.

Jacky was my fourth friend in PCa. after glenna Carlson, Clare bontjes, and Sam Peacock, Jacky was the next PCa member i met. She was president at the time and a rather daunting figure. In fact, I was some- what terrified of the tall, elegant lady that so many were gathered around. one day i waited my turn, sucked it up, and stuck out my hand to say hello and introduce myself. i so well remember the initial look of puzzlement then assessment on her face followed by a gracious smile and cordial welcome. We became life-long friends on that day.

even though we eventually co-owned a dog who be- came one of my first champions, I really didn’t know Jacky as a dog person. yes, she was President of PCa and often made my life miserable at the shows when i forgot to do something or other that she thought i should have know to have done. i had to respect her looking in my eyes while she stabbed me in the chest; it was never in my back. in spite of a number of trials in our relationship, we remained close friends. dur- ing the last years of her life, we rarely talked about dogs, or judging, or aKC, or PCa. There were so many other more fascinating and meaningful things to talk about, to debate, and to argue about. it’s hard to imagine how two such outspoken and very opinion- ated Scorpios could get along in spite of everything. During the years of her fighting the insidious beast, she never one time mentioned her illness.

although it was expected the phone call from Jacky’s daughter telling me of her mom’s death caught me un- prepared. We both cried a lot and i’m still crying, miss- ing my friend, feeling sorry for myself. but i know that Jacky knew it was time to go and that she was comfortable with and looking forward to the adven- ture of what was to come on the other side. She cried just hours before her death when she got the news that PCa 2008 was being dedicated to her. how appro- priate that this classy lady, one of the grande dames of PCa, lies in the earth in an unmarked grave, in a woods, near her home, completing the cycle of life.

richard lehman

dr. Jacky hungerland…opinionated? god yes! Con- troversial? god yes! intelligent? god yes! a loss to the dog world and in particular, Poodles? god yes! another friend of ours leaves us but on her terms, as always!

Ch. dassin marjarita is shown winning bob at the 1990 PCa regional Specialty. Pictured are judge macket irick, handled bud dickey and PCa President Jacky hungerland. Photo courtesy of Poodle Variety magazine.

To hear her daughter margie speak of her mother’s final moments makes you smile and realize as usual, Jacky indeed did it her way. after being told that the 2008 national Specialty was being dedicated to her, she cried tears of joy and soon asked margie to go over her check list with her to which Jacky inquired about a dr’s appointment? “Canceled.” margie said, and checked it off. Jacky inquired about a couple of

other “to do’s”on her list and subsequently those as cont. on page 49

The Poodle Papers /Winter Edition

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