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Remembering Jacky

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well were checked off. finally Jacky asked margie if there was anything else left on the list of “to do’s” and margie replied that there wasn’t, at which point Jacky said she did have one thing left to do…her final check mark, and shortly thereafter we lost a special personbut she did it on her terms!

now we celebrate her life after the fact and we can’t help but think back over the years of a couple of con- versations we bridged every time we saw Jacky. one well share and many of you may have had this same conversation; to Jacky there were no WhiTeS, only CreamS! ‘The dilution factor in breeding has elimi- nated a true white gene,” Jacky would say, ‘therefore they don’t exist!” “you breed creams!” she would say emphatically. Well, needless to say, as predominant- ly white (sorry, cream) breeders we always seemed to make the same bleepingmistake of mentioning white instead of cream and for the past 20 years mary and i would walk away from our conversations laugh- ing and making a vow never to say the word white around her! old habits are hard to break so what do you think was one of the topics we touched on while visiting with her during what were her final days? Yep. We left as usual laughing and no vows this time…we just enjoyed the moment and knew we were probably having this conversation for the last time. Shell be greatly missed.

mary and Scott olund, Cabernet

and another great one is gone. Jacky, like so many of her generation, has passed off our canvas...one that the last generation dedicated themselves to, establish- ing breed standards and practices. never content to be just a successful breeder and exhibitor, Jacky was a highly respected judge. She knew what she wanted in her ring and made no bones about it...when she didn’t get the presentation or quality that she wanted, you knew it ...and when she appreciated your exhibit, she was equally generous in her praise.

Jacky awarding boV at the 2000 Westminster Kennel Club to Ch. lake Cove That’s my boy, handled by dennis mcCoy. Photo courtesy of Poodle Variety magazine.

correct breeding practices and education needs to be re-emphasized. you have only to read her numerous articles and published books to know that she was a serious and highly educated member of our commu- nity and devoted so much of her life to that advocacy. her dedication played out through her involvement in Poodle Club of america, The american Kennel Club and several wonderful health organizations that she served with great dedication. There are many in our breed who sought her guidance and knowledge and i know that i have enjoyed my many lengthy breed specific conversations with her.

Jacky was tough, opinionated and stalwart. She was also earthy, acerbic and great company. She backed away from nothing and impressed me with her per- sonal inner grit during these last difficult years.

Toni Sosnoff, atalanta

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Jacky advocated for her breed openly and sometimes loudly. She was dedicated to influencing the next generation and took her responsibility in that area seriously. This is very important in our current dog world where competition is intense and advocates for

“Friends are the most important part of life. Treasure the tears,treasure the laughter, but most importantly, trea- sure the memories.” Unknown

The Poodle Papers /Winter Edition

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