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Remembering Jacky

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I first met Jacky Hungerland though some Northern California dog show friends in the early 1970s, but it wasn’t until i started Poodle Variety magazine in 1977 that i got to know her well and truly considered her a friend.

i interviewed Jacky for the third issue of PV in march of 1977 and from that time on it was always a pleasure to have a chance to spend a little time with her, usually at the three or four shows a year where our travels crossed paths. Jacky’s intelligence, self-confi- dence and sense of humor always made our conversa- tions entertaining.

her accomplishments in the world of dogs were very significant, and to name just a few she bred the #1 dog of all breeds in 1969, the black Standard bitch Ch. derussy lollypop; she was President of the Poodle Club of america for several years; she was the first woman ever on the Board of Directors of The american Kennel Club; and she judged best in Show at Westminster. now that’s an impressive list!

for all of her successes, it’s some small ges- tures that are best remembered. At the first PCA Na- tional i attended in 1977, dr. Sterg o’dell was still hosting his after-show “picnic” (a wonderful clambake on the lawn at ludwigs Corner) which was famous for its very strong “Poodle Punch.” i knew hardly anyone there and Jacky made of point of making sure i got my share of punch and then spent much of the evening introducing me to many new people, several of whom i still consider close friends today 30 years later.

Jacky Hungerland with her first Poodle, the black Standard bitch Jolie Coquette, ud, in 1956. Photo courtesy of Poodle Variety magazine.

for the breed and her lack of tolerance for those she thought did not have its best interests at heart.

i will always be grateful to Jacky for her pas- sion, her contributions and her friendship.

Paul lepiane Poodle Variety

When i interviewed harold and marie langs- eth for PV several years ago, harold mentioned that the first time he showed a Poodle, Jacky was the judge and her kindness and patience eased his nervousness and first-time handler jitters. That’s an important mes- sage from a handler who went on to win biS at 4 PCa shows.

but however warm and fuzzy Jacky could be on a personal level, she had a formidable presence when standing up for what she thought was right. on several occasions over the years when issues came up that particularly riled Jacky (designer dogs, parti-col- ored Poodles, etc.) i got a real kick out of her behind the scenes “comments” compared to what she put forth as a public statement... most entertaining!

Some people thought Jacky could be too abrupt, but this attitude was inspired by her passion

dr JaCKlyn hungerland When i heard that Jackie was in hospice care i knew that the end was near and that i would not see her again. i was deeply saddened and yet comforted knowing that she would be well prepared and would have organized all of her affairs to the last detail. i will miss her very much and be constantly reminded of her because of barry, my black Standard Poodle whom she sent to me 12 1/2 years ago when he was only seven weeks old.

my love and admiration for Jackie was founded upon so many different things. if i asked her a question i knew that i would receive an honest and well founded answer based upon her knowledge, experience, and her purely professional perspective. We did not al- ways agree up on some issues but we never allowed it to destroy our friendship or our respect for each

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