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Remembering Jacky

cont from page 50 other. i knew her as a breeder, an exhibitor, a judge, and as the first woman to be a member of the AKC’s board of directors. She was outstanding in each and every role.

one of the qualities which endeared her to me was her ability to address issues other people would not have touched with a sterilized fork. She was always forthright and direct when answering a question or ex- pressing an opinion. She did not deal in ambiguities sweetly saying what she thought someone else simply wanted to hear.

i well remember a time a number of years ago when a lady i did not know stopped me at a dog show and thrust a little wrapped package into my hands say- ing that she was giving this to me as she had given a similar gift to Jackie. She murmured something about you are not afraid to stick your neck out”. When i unwrapped it I found a figure of a small giraffe. Later, i found that Jackie had a collection of giraffes many of which had been given to her for that very reason. i was somewhat awed and much complemented by the comparison.

Will i miss her? oh, yes, very much. and i will al- ways cherish my memories of the good times we had together.

helen lee James January 2008

PCa President Jacky hungerland looks on as judge harold langs- eth awards boS in Show to Ch. maneetas del zarzoso fuego fatuo, handled by dennis mcCoy at the 1992 national Specialty. Photo courtesy of Poodle Variety magazine.

JaCKlyn e hungerland, Phd

There doesn’t seem a time since I purchased my first Standard Poodle that either i did not know dr. Jacky or at least know who she was. in the very early 1970’s i used to borrow Poodle magazines as well as cop- ies of aKC show results from a newly found Poodle friend. one of the highly advertised Standards was Ch. derussy lollipop. i studied her pictures in each publication wondering, of course, if i could ever have

a Poodle with that much hair!

as the years went by and i became a member of the Poodle Club of america, i actually got to meet Jacky and appreciate her knowledge and humor. She was never without a quick retort on any subject which usu- ally left me either laughing or thinking!

Jacky awards biS to Ch. dassin marjarita, handled by bud dickey, at the 1991 St. louis dog breeders show. Photo courtesy of Poodle Variety magazine.

It was an experience and a personal benefit to me to serve as national Show Chairman for several years when dr. Jacky was president of the Poodle Club of america. Working with her was usually a pleasure as i knew how she wanted our national to look” and how to make it the show she wanted it to be. There were, naturally, times when we were not in complete agreement. believe me, when that happened, i was the first to know! Dr. Jacky was quick to explain where I

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The Poodle Papers /Winter Edition

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