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Adult child abusers have 10 times more victims than offenders who rape adults.  Child abusers have an average of 76 victims; a rapist has an average of seven.21

In one clinic, 49% of the incestuous fathers and stepfathers referred for outpatient treatment abused children outside the family at the same time they were abusing their own children, and 18% were raping adult women at the same time they were sexually abusing their own children.22

In any gathering of 100 women, 4-5 have been sexually abused by a father figure.23


71% of child sex abusers are below the age of 35.24

Half of the 4,295 child molesters are 20 or more years older than the child they were imprisoned for molesting.25


25% or less of interfamilial child sex abusers (incest perpetrators) are pedophiles.26

In a survey of college men, 21% reported some sexual attraction to children, with 7% saying they would be likely to have sex with children if they could not be detected or punished.27

In a phone survey, 10% of adult men admitted having sexually abused a child.28

Of abusers who perpetrate against young children, 90% are male and 95% are heterosexual.29

The majority of child sex offenders are heterosexual, and many are simultaneously involved in consenting adult relationships.  In one study, 83% of the offenders were heterosexual, and 17% were bisexual.  Some of these offenders abused both boys and girls.  Heterosexual men who abused boys usually said they did so because they

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