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One study of child sex offenders found that 43% of untreated offenders recommitted the offense, compared to 18% of the offenders who went through treatment.  Of incest offenders, 22% of the untreated offenders recommitted sex offenses, compared to 8% of the treated offenders.34

Within the first 3 years following release from prison in 1994, 3.3% (141 of 4,295) of released child molesters were rearrested for sex crimes against children.35

Of the approximately 141 children allegedly molested by the child molesters after their release from prison in 1994, 79% were age 13 or younger.36


80% of all child sex offenders were granted probation.  Of those, 89% involve court-mandated treatment.37


While the behavior is sexual in expression, adolescent sexual offending may have more in common with other coercive behavior such as bullying than with satisfying of sexual needs or curiosity.38

Between 1980 and 1995, the arrests of children under the age of 12 years old have increased 125% for sex offenses (excluding rape) and 190% for forcible rape.39

In 1992, the State of Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services published a report identifying 691 sexually aggressive youth in state custody, 33% of whom were under the age of 12.40

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