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households and many had families with substance abuse and mental health problems.

One study of male adolescent sex offenders found that: 56

97% had never been hospitalized for a psychiatric disorder;

72% were never arrested for nonsexual crimes;

79% had been arrested for prior sex offenses;

63% were pedophiles;

18% were sexually abused as children.

A study of 1,616 youths who were recognized or had a record as sexually abusive to other youths found: 57

41% reported they had been victims of physical abuse;

39% reported they had been victims of sexual abuse;

68% of these abuses involved penetrating and/or oral-genital behavior;

62% expressed little or no sympathy for their victim;

51% expressed no remorse or guilt;

91% of the victims were 3-6 years old, with an average age of 7.7 years;

38% were relatives of the abuser;

33% blamed the victim for the offense.

Approximately 50% of adult sex offenders report their sexually deviant behavior began in adolescence.58

Mothers of adolescent incest perpetrators were significantly more likely to have been sexually victimized as children than were other mothers.59

Adolescent offenders seem to show all of the same variations of sexually abusive behaviors, as do older offenders.60

In general, less violence is used by adolescent sex offenders than by adult sex offenders.  A victim of an adolescent offender is 1/3 as likely to have had a weapon used against her and 1/2 as likely to be physically injured; yet, 1/3 of offenses perpetrated by adolescents result in physical injury.61

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