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Section 1. Title 35 of the Rules of the City of New York, Chapter 6, For- Hire Vehicle Rules, Section 6-01, Definitions, is hereby amended to read as follows:

Italics indicate new material. [ ] Brackets indicated deleted material.

§6-01 Definitions.

Affiliated driver. An affiliated driver is a person who drives a for-hire affiliated vehicle and who is required to be licensed by the Commission.

Affiliated vehicle. An affiliated vehicle is a for-hire vehicle other than a black car or a luxury limousine which a base station is authorized by the Commission to dispatch.

Base station. A base station is a central facility which manages, organizes or dispatches affiliated vehicles licensed under Chapter 5 of Title 19 of the Administrative Code, not including luxury limousines or black cars.

Base station owner. A base station owner is any individual, partnership or corporation licensed by the Commission to own and operate a base station.

Black car. A black car is a for-hire vehicle dispatched from a central facility whose owner holds a franchise from the corporation or other business entity which operates such central facility, or who is a member of a cooperative that operates such central facility, where such central facility has certified to the satisfaction of the Commission that more than ninety percent of the central facility's for-hire business is on a payment basis other than direct cash payment by a passenger.

Black car base. A black car base is a central facility which operates a two- way radio or other communications system used for dispatching or conveying information to drivers of black cars.

Chauffeur's license. A chauffeur's license is a valid chauffeur's license of the State of New York or a valid license of similar class from another state of which the licensee is a resident.

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