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Section 1. Title 35 of the Rules of the City of New York, Chapter 6, For- - page 3 / 13





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of no less than five hundred thousand dollars per accident where one person is injured and one million dollars per accident for all persons injured in that same accident if said vehicle has a seating capacity of fewer than nine passengers, and which meets the minimum liability insurance requirements set forth in these rules if the vehicle has a seating capacity of ten or more passengers,[whose passengers are charged on the basis of garage to garage service and on a flat rate basis or per unit of time or mileage.].

Luxury limousine base. A luxury limousine base is a central facility which operates a two-way radio or other communications system used for dispatching or conveying information to drivers of luxury limousines.

Mailing address. Mailing address means the address designated for the mailing of all notices and correspondence from the Commission and for service of summonses. In the case of the base, it shall be the base address. In the case of the driver, it shall be the home address of the driver.


A passenger is a person who has engaged a for-hire vehicle

for the purpose of being transported to a destination, or a person who is awaiting the arrival of a dispatched for-hire vehicle.

Person with a disability. A person with a disability is an individual with a physical or mental impairment or incapacity, including any person who uses a wheelchair, three-wheel scooter, crutches, other mobility aid or a service animal, but who can transfer from such a mobility aid to a for-hire vehicle with or without reasonable assistance.

Rooflight. Rooflight means equipment attached to the roof of a vehicle, or extending above the roofline of a vehicle, for the purpose of displaying any information. In any instance in which Commission rules permit a rooflight, the permitted rooflight shall be of a one-piece solid translucent material; it shall not approximate the shape or appearance of a taxi rooflight; it may bear only the name of the base with which the vehicle is affiliated, alone or with either a telephone number or a car number; and the name shall not include the words "hack," "taxi," "taxicab," "cab," or "coach."

Seating Capacity. Seating capacity shall include any plain view location which is capable of accommodating a normal adult, is part of an overall seat configuration and design and is likely to be used as a seating position


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