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Section 1. Title 35 of the Rules of the City of New York, Chapter 6, For- - page 8 / 13





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Section 3. Title 35 of the Rules of the City of New York, Chapter 6, For- Hire Vehicle Rules, Section 6-12, Conditions of Operation Relating to For- Hire Vehicles, is hereby amended by the addition of a new subparagraph (n) to read as follows:

Italics indicate new material.


Conditions of Operation Relating to For-Hire Vehicles.

A for-hire vehicle base and a for-hire vehicle owner shall be jointly and severally responsible for compliance with the following provisions and liable for violation thereof. No for-hire vehicle shall be used in the course of operations of a for-hire vehicle service unless the vehicle is in compliance with the following:



No vehicle shall be used to transport passengers for hire in the City of New York if said vehicle has been altered after manufacture to increase its length, width, weight or seating capacity, or to modify its chassis and/or body design, unless said modification has been made in accordance with a program approved in advance by the original vehicle manufacturer, and said alteration has been performed by a coachbuilder or other entity approved and certified by the vehicle manufacturer to perform such alterations. An original, unaltered, approved coachbuilder’s or vehicle modifier’s certification sticker shall be affixed to the vehicle at a location to be determined by the Commission.


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