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In preparing our Not to Exceed Fee Estimate, we have developed a limited scope that we think will produce the vision and supporting plans and data that West Windsor needs for the West Windsor-Princeton Junction Transit Village and Town Center Redevelopment Plan. We be- lieve that the Scope Framework we are proposing will produce a Plan that will provide the basis for substantial developer interest in seeking to implement the Redevelopment Plan. It is also intended to provide a basis for adoption of an implementing Township ordinance.

We have purposefully developed a very tight fee budget and excluded items that are anticipated to be tasks that potential developers can reasonably be expected to undertake on their own, while providing a strong “roadmap” for implementation.

The scope as it is defined is just a framework and will need to be fur- ther defined in discussion with West Windsor as to the priorities and planning needs that the Township envisions. On this basis, while we are providing a detailed fee estimate, we are not committing to an exact number of hours at this time.

Given the proximity of our offices to West Windsor and the resources of the Township in providing meeting space for meetings and public char- rettes, we anticipate operating in a very efficient manner. DPZ, addi- tionally, will be operating out of its offices in Gaithersburg, MD, and will be able to maximize its efficiency by using Amtrak to travel to the meet- ings and public charrettes, as well as additional meetings held with the team at MGA’s offices in Princeton or with public officials.

MGA/DPZ chose its team of expert subconsultants with an eye to their ability to commute to West Windsor easily (primarily by Amtrak/only one will require air travel). Three of our subconsultants, Van Note Har- vey, ERA, and Buckhurst Fish & Jacquemart, will have major tasks es- sential to preparation of the Redevelopment Plan and will be preparing key project deliverables. In general we will be calling upon the others to make preparatory contributions by conference call, and other elec- tronic means, followed by an intensive one-day visit to Princeton/West Windsor. The entire team will “charrette” in Princeton in the morning within the team, and then charrette with the public in West Windsor that afternoon and evening. Additional contributions that they make to the deliverables also will be made electronically. In general they will be used as resources for the core team and resources for the public, and will have a key participation in the initial public charrette. We think that this will work very well.


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