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In addition, MGA/DPZ will summarize the results of its Market Study, prepared by Economic Research Associates (ERA) and will discuss dif- ferent “sectors” of the Redevelopment Area and present various “ideas” for developing the Area as a Transit Village and Town Center. In do- ing so, various members of the Project Team will present information, and design guidelines and concepts on the development of specific as- pects of the Redevelopment area. These sectors or layers will become elements of the Concept Master Plan such as land use; housing; open space and landscape; vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle circulation; mul- timodel transportation; and infrastructure improvements.

During this Charrette and subsequently, MGA/DPZ will be using a vari- ety of presentation techniques – everything from Power Point to boards, and tabloid paper to tracing tissue. Aerial maps, sketch ideas on trace paper, computer images, and more formal alternatives will also be em- ployed. Simple computer renderings and flythroughs may also be used during the charretting process, and an envisioning computer program called Sketchup, may be utilized. Sketchup allows you to see building massings and design concepts from a variety of angles, including aeri- als and as flythroughs, as well as street level views. MGA/DPZ may also utilize a mass model with loose pieces, which will also help the public understand different development possibilities. At the conclusion of the Charrette a pin-up session will allow the concepts developed from the Charrette to be summarized. Material generated during the Charrette will be pinned or taped to the walls (or to large pieces of foam core) so that the participants can review the conclusions reached.

The Charrette provides a forum for ideas. It offers the unique advan- tage of giving immediate feedback to the designers while also giving mutual authorship of the plan to all participants. During this intensive session those influential to the project develop a vested interest in the design, and the shared experience of the Charrette builds broad sup- port for its vision. The designers and subconsultants of the Project Team will work in complement to produce a set of finished documents that addresses all aspects of the design. The collective effort of the Char- rette organizes the input of all the players at one meeting, thereby elimi- nating the need for prolonged, sequential discussions that can delay conventional planning projects and destroy the momentum of constitu- ents. An optimal final result is achieved through the assimilation of many ideas in a dynamic process, which is also cost effective because of its collaborative nature.

A primary feature of the Charrette is that it is specifically organized to encourage the participation of everyone who is interested in the mak-


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