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over the LAN connection. Additionally, email notications are automatically sent to the system administrator for routine maintenance and error alerts. When multiple computers have access to the projector via the network,

a designated user can control presentation privileges (and block unwanted access), ensuring that the current presentation is not interrupted unexpectedly. Users can schedule routine and special projector events, including power on, power off, input selection and other settings.


For special announcements, emergency information distribution, a unique sign in a hotel lobby or conference center, the downloadable E-shot software function can transmit up to four still pictures or les to a single projector connected via the local area network.

Hybrid Filter

Thanks to the X95i hybrid lter, maintenance and cleaning are much less frequent, making longer operation possible. The new hybrid air lter reduces operating costs by delivering at least 4000 hours in normal operating conditions, which combines with the long life lamp and LCD panel to offer an almost “t and forget” maintenance interval. With the lamp door on top and a side-mounted

  • lter, maintenance and replacement of these parts can be

done easily, even when the projector is ceiling-mounted.


Quick Start and Instant Off: The image will appear in just 3 seconds after Power On and the unit can be instantly powered off after a presentation.

Input source naming: Change the name of any input to one of your own choosing for easier use (i.e. change “RGB Input” to “Computer” or “Component” to “DVD”.)

Auto Vertical Keystone: Automatically performs keystone correction for an ideal screen setting, simply by pressing the button.

Resolutions preset: Recognizes and resizes special resolutions, such as WXGA, and places them in the optimum position. User’s own resolutions can also be stored as custom modes.

Whiteboard, Blackboard and Daytime Modes: Whiteboard Mode helps reduce peak white brightness of projection on a whiteboard, reducing annoying glare. Blackboard Mode helps provide better color balance when projecting onto a colored background. Daytime Mode allows the viewer to see vivid images, even in high-glare environments.

Anti-theft security bar: Serving as both a visible and actual deterrent, a steel security bar is connected to the chassis to help provide a strong anchor point for a lock chain.

“My Screen” lock: Users can personalize the start- up screen with a warning or ownership message and lock this screen with a pin code number.

Transition detector: Locks the projector from use if the projection angle or settings are changed from the installed position. Requires a user-set numeric code for reactivation.

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