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Beginning The Work

Chapter 3. Beginning The Work


Acronis Disk Director Server Logical Organization

Acronis Disk Director Server provides two operation modes (see 2.7 «Running Acronis Disk Director Server»):

  • «Automatic partition operations» mode is designed for the most frequent operations suitable for the majority of users

  • «Manual partition operations» mode for any partition operations. This mode is intended for experienced users with some knowledge of disk data storage organization; it provides full operational control

      • 3.1.1

        Automatic partition operations

In this mode, all actions are performed through task-based wizards.

  • Create partition wizard — enables you to create a partition from unallocated disk space or other partitions

  • Increase free space wizard — enables you to enlarge a partition at the expense of unallocated disk space or other partitions

  • Copy partition wizard — enables you to copy a partition

  • Recover partitions wizard – enables you to recover any deleted or damaged partitions. Working with Recover partitions wizard is described in detail in a separate chapter of this guide. See the sectionChapter 6 «Working with Acronis Recovery Expert». With these wizards, even an inexperienced user will be able to perform the recovery operations using step-by-step instructions.

      • 3.1.2

        Manual partition operations

In this mode, experienced users have access to all Acronis Disk Director Server features.

Partition operations are performed by entering necessary parameters into dialog boxes.

The main difference between the automatic and manual modes is that wizards perform operations series in the automatic mode and only single disk/partition operations in the manual mode.


Switching modes

Having selected an operation mode during installation (see 2.2 «Installation Process»), you can switch to another mode at any time. Select View Automatic Mode for the automatic mode or View Manual Mode for the manual.

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