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Manual Partition Operations

Acronis Disk Director Server features a wizard for performing more complex partition resizing (see 4.2 «Increasing Partition»). Simple partition resizing lets you increase partition size only if there is free (unallocated) space before or after a partition. The wizard lets you perform more complex operations such as increasing partition free space at the expense of other partitions.

Moving a partition to unallocated disk space in Windows 98/Me can change the order of letters assigned to other partitions. As a result, some shortcuts might stop working. A detailed discussion of partition letter assignment rules for various operating systems appears in 4.1 «Creating A New Partition».

Take special care when moving an operating system partition and its boot code location. The OS might stop booting. For example, Windows NT 4.0 and earlier versions limit boot code location to the first 2016 MB.


Splitting partitions

You can split a partition in two, moving the selected folders to the new partition and leaving the rest of the data on the old one. The new partition will have the same file system. This operation can also be used for creating an empty partition from another partition’s free space.

There must be some free space on a partition to enable its splitting. The amount of free space necessary for splitting can be calculated as follows:

  • Space for the new partition file system – depending on the file system type, maximum

20 MB

  • Plus space for the program’s housekeeping data – about 25 MB

  • Plus 3% of the size of the data being moved to the newly created partition.

With splitting completed, this space will be free again (except for space for the new partition file system) and will be distributed between the two resulting partitions. If there is not enough space on the partition, you will get a message that splitting is impossible.

If you need to split a partition:

  • 1.

    Select a partition to be split.

  • 2.

    Select Disk Split or a similar item in the Operations sidebar list, or click Split on

the toolbar.


In the folders tree, select folders to be moved to the newly created partition. If you want to create an empty partition, do not select any folders.


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