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Working with Acronis Disk Editor

The current editing position is shown by the cursor that can be either in the left or right part of the window

In this section of the guide, all examples of Acronis Disk Editor’s main window view modes are given for demonstration purposes.

The main menu of Acronis Disk Editor contains the following items:

  • Disk – allows you to browse properties of a disk being edited

  • Edit – allows you to manipulate blocks of selected hard disk partitions; also allows you to save contents of a disk sector after editing

  • View – allows you to select a view mode for more convenient presentation of data

  • Search – allows you to search a partition (or a hard disk) for any line (or any sequence of characters) and go to a certain disk sector according to its absolute offset

  • Help – allows you to get help concerning the editor window or about the program’s developer and version


Edit Hard Disks

The Edit menu of the Acronis Disk Editor main window allows you to access the main operations with blocks of given hard disk sectors. You can edit hard disk data directly in the fields of any view mode (see the View menu). You can manipulate data blocks using Edit menu in the view as hex mode.

Edit menu

Any view mode allows you to select blocks with the help of the mouse by clicking and holding its left button, or with the help of the keyboard, advancing the window with Shift key pressed.

When viewing in hex mode, simply changing data in the hexadecimal or character area in the main window — or in any fields of other view modes — will not change the given disk sector. To execute the changes, you must save them first. After making changes, you will


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