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Working with Acronis Disk Editor

The Search dialog window

A search line can be set both as char and numeric (hexadecimal) values. During a search, you can ignore letter case as well as search for a given line at a given offset inside the sector.

During a search, disk data is interpreted according to the encoding selected. If you selected a search mode without letter case matching, not only case but also elements above the characters will be ignored.

After the search process is finished, the current position will be moved to where a line was found, or will remain the same if no lines were found. You can search for the next line from the current position by selecting Find next item in the Search menu or by pressing F3 key.

You can go to the necessary sector according to its absolute offset by selecting the Go to… line the Search menu (or by pressing Alt+P key combination). Selecting this line opens the Go to… dialog window.

Go to sector…

The transition is performed by entering absolute sector offset, or cylinder, head and sector numbers. The listed parameters are bound by this expression:

(CYL x HDS + HD) x SPT + SEC – 1,

Where CYL, HD and SEC are numbers of cylinder, head and sector in the CHS coordinates (Cylinder – Head – Sector); HDS is the number of heads per disk and SPT is the number of heads per track.

You can return to a sector from another one by selecting the Back item in the Search menu (or by pressing Ctrl+Backspace key combination).


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