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Bootable Media Builder

Chapter 9. Bootable Media Builder


General information

There are situations in which you might have to run Acronis Disk Director Server without booting either operating system:

  • in order to use Acronis Disk Director Server on a non-Windows system, for example, a Linux-based PC

  • if you do not often use Acronis Disk Director Server and therefore do not want to install it on the computer

Acronis Disk Director Server has a standalone bootable version that can run from CD or other removable media without booting an operating system. If you purchased the boxed product, you already have such a bootable CD, because the installation CD contains, besides the program installation files, the Acronis Disk Director Server standalone bootable version.

If you purchased Acronis Disk Director Server on the Web, you can create bootable media using the Bootable Media Builder. For this, you will need a CD-R/RW blank, several formatted diskettes (the wizard will tell you the exact number), or any other media your PC can boot from, such as a Zip drive.

If you have chosen not to install the Bootable Media Builder during Acronis Disk Director Server installation, you will not be able to use this feature.

Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 also provides the ability to create an ISO image of a bootable disk on the hard disk. If there is a PXE server in your local network having the Acronis PXE agent installed, its administrator can save the bootable data on this server as well. Then any networked computer will be able to boot the Acronis Disk Director Suite standalone version.

If you have other Acronis products, such as Acronis True Image, installed on your computer, you can include standalone versions of these programs on the same bootable disk as well.

    • 9.2

      Creating bootable media

  • 1.

    Run the Bootable Media Builder from the tools section of main window sidebar or

from the respective main menu section.

2. Select which components of Acronis programs you want to place on the bootable disk.


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