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This little planet just got a whole lot bigger

By Jonathan Terbeche jterbeche@valenciavoice.com

Just a few months after the release of the original “LittleBigPlanet” fans had already used its creation tools to make some of the most unique and awe-in- spiring levels ever seen in gaming. With the release of the sequel on Jan. 18, comes more tools, more game types, and the po- tential for even more cre- ativity. The only question is, is it worth picking up? This time around the main character, Sackboy, must save his arts-and- crafts world from the Negativatron and the evil Sackbots, who are trying to eliminate imagination. At its heart “LittleBig- Planet 2” (LBP 2) is a plat- former, meaning, just like “Super Mario Bros.,” you play the game by run- ning from the one side of the screen to the other to reach the goal. There is much more here than just running from left to right though. In one level you’ll be jumping off of trampo-

lines, trying to traverse the complicated, puzzle-like stage, and then the very next level will be a side- scrolling shooter, with Sackboy riding atop some funny animal or vehicle. One thing that has thank- fully remained the same from the first title is the

sheer amount of collect- ibles. So other than amaz- ing platforming and nu- merous collectibles, the other aspect to “LittleBig- Planet 2” is its plethora of creation options. While the community may have made some amazing things with what was offered them in the first game, this time around players

will be able to create en- tire genres of video games. Feel like a racing game; make it in LBP 2. Want to play a shooter; make it in LBP 2. In the mood for a complex, challenging puzzle game that rivals “Tetris;” well you get the picture. Unfortunately, be- ing able to use all of these creation tools and actually playing them in the way you intend is somewhat cumbersome. It’s one thing to say you want to make a shooter game, but to ac- tually get it the way you want will take much time and even more patience. It’s a grievance that defi- nitely hinders the other- wise fantastic experience. It’s hard to believe that within one game exists an adorable, kid-friendly protagonist, a tight plat- former, a collect-fest, a character-creator, a level- builder, and a genre-mak- er. What results is a fun world filled with, and en- couraging, imagination and creativity. What re- sults is “LittleBigPlanet 2!”


‘DC Universal Online’ packs a punch

Gamers are sure to love Sony Online Entertainment’s new MMO

By Victor Ocasio vocasio@valenciavoice.com

The world of Massively Multi- player Online games (MMO’s) has for years been dominated by the popular gaming sensa- tion, “World of Warcraft.” But those looking for the same ex- pansive, never-ending game- play without the elves, orcs and veteran bad-mouthed players, will find a universe as famil- iar and action as packed as the Saturday morning cartoons of their youth in Sony Online En- tertainments newest title, “DC Universe Online” (DCUO). Playable on both PC and PS3, it is the first action MMO in the history of online gam- ing to be offered on a home console. It features the respon- sive action controls and combo systems present in so many

game titles with the familiar open world mission-based on- line community of an MMO. Players jump right into the world of their favorite comic book characters and get to fight with (or against) such icons as Superman, Batman, or Lex Lu- thor. Players start off in one of two fictional cities, made fa- mous by DC comics, depend- ing on their chosen mentors and affiliated hero/villain: Metropolis or Gotham City. The introductory story is over the top and epic. Brainiac and his army are bent on destroying all super humans and taking the earth for his own villainous doing. Players create characters endowed with special powers taken from the future in or- der to bolster Earth’s defenses. As far as graphics are con- cerned, characters, locations

and objects are rendered well and look outstanding in the game world, and the game soars miles above the average run of the mill graphics that have come to be expected from other content heavy online games. Gameplay runs smoothly and the mix of action-oriented con- trols and the heads-up display work so seamlessly that it may lead many players to wonder why the hybrid gaming style has never been attempted before. Servers have been packed since the game’s release last week and have undergone few mandatory updates giving play- ers eager to jump into the action the facilities needed to do so.


expansive, user


and addictive,

“DC Universe Online” is a home-run that gamers and comic fans are sure to enjoy.

Photos c/o dcuniversalonline.com


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