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Changes bring in the new semester

By Evelyn Ortega eortega@valenciavoice.com

Spring semester has already begun, and along with the usual changes ev- ery student must go through each semester, new classes, new teachers, new routine, Valencia itself has given us a few changes of its own. These changes are somewhat simple and they are designed to make communication and services easier for faculty, staff, and students.

The day before classes began, Valencia completed an upgrade of the Atlas e-mail system, giving us a new e-mail system supported by Microsoft Out- look Live.

After logging into Atlas Monday morning, I checked my mail and upon clicking the e-mail button, I found myself bothered and confused. I would consider myself to be a somewhat computer savvy person, who prefers sim- plicity above all. I find no need to see a calendar, photos, contact and task list when all I’m really looking for is my e-mail.

Needless to say, I preferred our old Atlas system; which did its job and gave students their mail.

Thankfully, all mail is now forwarded to our new email addreses, saving students from any more confusion. Now, all there is left to do is see if faculty, staff and students really do prefer it.

Along with their new e-mail addresses students registered for spring term classes will also receive a Valencia debit card through the mail. Though you may not have financial aid, you are advised not to throw away the card for if you drop a class or eventually receive financial aid, you will receive your refund through the card.

I don’t have financial aid but I approve this particular change. If I do ob- tain financial aid in the future I’d prefer a card to a check. Cashing the check and having the card deposited to your existing bank account would take the same amount of time. However, the time it would take for you to receive your refund is what makes the difference. Your refund will now be automatically deposited to your card each semester, instead of having to wait for a check in the mail. I was informed I will be receiving a debit card anytime soon and will keep it safe. If I ever have a refund I know that the card will have my money ready to be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.


How do you feel about Valencia’s changes?

“I don’t like it. It seems like it is more difficult to use.”

  • Vishaal Patel

“The new email system is a lot easier to use than it was before.”

“I find the new atlas email much easier and organized.”

--- Ashley Bergdahl

— Alyssa Rennell

“I am curious about the new email features, but I am concerned about my redirected mail.”

  • David Daltom

“It was easy with the old email becaause it was all right there. Now you have to click on another link.”

  • Erin Haynes

“Iwroteanemailtoateacherthat was lost because of the conversion to the new system and somehow managed to buy a book I didn’t need.”

  • Josh Macgregor

didn’t like

the new email,






  • Brian Cobb

“I think the money

it’s pretty cool that is on a card now. I

“I like the new changes to fi- nancial aid. I think the debit card is better than a check.”

  • Jazzi Jones


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