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One Tribe at a Time

“I want the entire plan to be so effective that the Taliban feel threatened by our very presence, without us even firing a shot.”

TET solutions should always be answers to local problems, yet always with an eye to integration with regional and national government representatives. It will also be imperative for TETs to watch for scenarios where local/district/provincial/national government forces can be successful. In other words, cooperate and help set the government up for success.

In return, the TSFs and tribal members would provide security, intelligence and early warning of insurgent attacks to the TETs, who would then pass this on to higher commands.

Mission Statement of a TET Leader:

I will train myself, my Tribal Engagement Team and my tribal counterpart for the tactical ght every single day.

I will establish strong, meaningful relationships with the tribal leaders.

My goal is to establish a relationship with my tribal counterpart, for my team to establish a strong relationship with the tribe; to establish focused secu- rity for the tribe and the locals in the area; to plan, develop and then implement a well-conceived IO, PSYOP and CA plan.

I want to make it so the Taliban and al-Qaeda have no choice but to come and meet us on our terms.

I want the entire plan to be so eective that the Taliban feel threatened by our very presence, without us even ring a shot.

A key requirement is to tie the tribe and the TET into the following areas:

  • e local ANA and ANP.

  • Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs).

  • National level Information Operations facilitators

to include all major news agencies and publications.

  • e local US forces (battle space owners).

  • e ODA in the area.

  • Higher echelon PSYOP units.

  • Higher echelon CA units.

  • Access to air assets for re-supply and CAS.

  • NGO’s

  • Report “Ground Truth” to higher commands. Be

the conduit of information and requests from the GIRoA and higher to and from the tribes. Report “Ground Truth” as well as the tribes’ perceptions and expectations to the GIRoA and higher.

  • e key tasks in relation to the tribal leadership

will be:

  • Listen

  • Understand

  • Learn

  • Inuence

“Inuence Without Authority”

I could re-insert a Tribal Engagement Team in Mangwel tomorrow. However, in other areas it would take more time to perform a proper operational preparation of the battleeld (OPB) and build enough rapport to begin. ere are many “acceptable” areas available. Acceptable does not mean no risk. is is not a strategy for the risk-averse. However, with the work we’ve done already, my TET would be safer in Mangwel than anywhere in Afghanistan.

Given the time and resources, I would go any- where in the country and do this. It would take one month to prepare the TET for insertion into the area of operations (AO): I would need two weeks to do an analysis of the area (Area Study) and another two


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