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One Tribe at a Time

tribAl engAgeMent teAM tiMeline

  • e rst timeline noted below moves the TET into an area that supports US presence or a TET

member who already has strong ties in the area (like Mangwel). I call this a permissive scenario.

  • e second scenario is one where the tribal members are neutral to US support or there is

no prior relationship with TET members entering the area. In this case, the timeline would be pushed out from three to nine additional months. is situation would be a semi-permissive scenario.

  • e permissive and semi-permissive scenario is in relation to the tribe, not the environment

itself. Although the tribe may be permissive (receptive) to the TET, the overall environment may be semi-permissive or even non-permissive. e fact may be that a particular tribe may want the TET, yet be surrounded by tribes that may not. Or the Taliban may have support in an area where the tribes support the TET.

By far the most important daily task is building rapport. is is our security. is is what will allow the TET to accomplish “inuence without authority.”

Permissive environment phases with timeline:

  • e Taliban will know immediately when a tribe receives some sort of US team and that the

team is living inside the village with a tribe.

1. Preparation Phase (1-2 months): e TET begins its Operational Preparation of the Battleeld (OPB) development.

Information gathering (area study), intelligence collection and analysis, intensive language training, logistics planning, detailed logistics request.

Tactical train-up with TET members.

2. Inltration, Rapport and Organization Phase (1 month): e TET assesses and develops relationships in the tribe and begins training the TSF (Arbakai).

Infiltration. e TET would move into the closest rebase (FB) to a selected tribal area and begin its tactical Intelligence Preparation of the Battleeld and continue its training.

Initial Contact. is would vary based on the enemy threat and the history of the area. In Mangwel my team and I could show up completely unannounced and it would work. In other areas the TET may have to request a meeting with the tribal leader or possibly even send a local ANA/ANP unit to the village to request that the head Malik (tribal leader) come to the rebase to talk.


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