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One Tribe at a Time

not just from providing security or enabling the tribe to provide it themselves. It is the fact that we are there. We are living with the tribe, sharing their dangers and hardships. is does not require a massive footprint. A very small team can accomplish miracles. I have seen it and I have done it.

After a relationship has been built with the tribes, we will be able to gather relevant and actionable intelligence on the Taliban, HIG, Haqqani and al-Qaeda networks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. e tribe and the Tribal Security Force and specially trained tribesmen who live among the population are in a position to gather information and intelligence. Make no mistake about it, these tribesmen have the ability to collect the type of intelligence we need to be successful.

  • e TETs need the latitude to dress, speak and act in the ways that will maximize their accep-

tance by the tribes. is may mean wearing local garb, growing beards, and interacting with the tribe on a personal level. ey must be able to “go native.” Go to the tribe’s elementary school daily. Learn Pashto from them. Learn about being a Muslim. Learn about Islam. Learn about the tribe. Ideally, TETs must not only live with the tribe, but steadily integrate themselves into tribal life and customs (as much as the tribe allows). My experience in Mangwel would not be believed by most who did not see it rsthand.

Targeting Taliban and al-Qaeda will be a secondary but at times needed task.

The Tribal Security Force (Arbakai) would have three primary elements:

  • 1.

    A security force responsible for the physical safety of the village/tribe members.

  • 2.

    An intelligence collection element (kishakee).

  • 3.

    An oensive action and reconnaissance element. is element could integrate itself with

ANA or CF elements with the help of the TETs.

  • e initial priority would be to quickly mobilize the TSFs. ey can become an eective

force in a short period of time, possibly in 90 days.

Paying the TSF will automatically improve the nancial situation of the village and create a stronger bond with the tribesmen who live there.

Task Organization

  • e following is a “shopping list” of what I, or any TET leader, would need on Day One:

    • 3/6/12 US personnel based on environment

    • 2 interpreters

    • 2 SAT phones

    • 2 SATCOM radio (piggyback freq)

    • 2 PRC-119s


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