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Programming coding in one with CIP

Autologic Optical Interface

Retrofit Ability

Easy to reconfigure language of imported cars

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Autologic covers BMW vehicles from 1986 - 2011 Autologic covers MINI vehicles from 2011- 2011 Full technical specifications are available from www.autologic.com

is the only aftermarket tool to offer Coding Individualisation and

Programming (CIP) software.

Above and beyond the dealer,

allows a higher level of modularity with the

possibility to carry out targeted work on a particular vehicle control unit or subsystem - resulting in faster repair and control unit replacement capabilities.

CIP updates provide software revisions for common problems, known software errors and vehicle systems functional improvements. Furthermore, CIP incorporates the following functionality:

  • Retrofit / Conversions

  • Performance Tunes

is the first and only aftermarket vehicle diagnostic tool capable of optical programming on MOST (Media Orientated Systems Transport) compatible vehicles.

Developed in-house, the '

Optical Interface' can significantly reduce

programming time on vehicles fitted with a MOST port.

BMW software can implement a Retrofitting or conversion by individual request, allowing access to a higher level of individualisations and optional equipment upgrades on a model to model basis.

As an example,

is the single only tool incorporating a coding procedure for

pairing compatible aftermarket Audio Video and Bluetooth vehicle equipment to the BMW Professional Radio and Navigation systems.

offers unparalleled capabilities in configuring imported cars to conform to transport regulations in the country of destination. Available configurations are as follows:

  • Language change

  • Instrument cluster conversion

  • Daytime running lights

  • Fog lamps

  • Maintenance intervals

  • Marker lights

  • Engine tune configuration

  • Radio frequency conversions

Joe Sanderson, Owner Autobahn Motorwerks, Kansas City, USA



Autologic covers all vehicles from 1989 - 2011 Full technical specifications are available from www.autologic.com


can programme all modules on LAND ROVER vehicles from '98

model year onwards. Software files are constantly updated to keep up with fixes from LAND ROVER. Most new powertrain and body control modules require

programming before they will work on the vehicle. The

can also

programme keys and alarm remotes for all LAND ROVER models.

Flash Module Programming

allows a garage to alter Car Configuration Files to suit customers’ needs. Alarm, lighting and other options can be changed on all vehicles. Certain

configuration options on the

are not available on the dealer tools,

allowing your customers greater freedom to personalise their vehicles.

allows the vehicle's configuration to be changed for the fitting of accessories such as tow bars and fog lights. The vehicles’s configuration can also be changed to allow for conversions. For example cruise control can be added to Discovery IIIs or self-levelling suspension can be removed from Discovery IIs.

Car Configuration File (CCF) Function

provides diagnostic and calibration functions that exceed the dealer tool. Fault code reading, dynamic data, component activation and standard height calibration is available for all LAND ROVER models equipped with air suspension. For Discovery III, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport there is the additional ‘height lowering’ function which can lower the vehicles standard ride height at the touch of a button.


Russell Dykes, Owner ARD Land Rover Specialists, Goole, UK

Air Suspension Calibration

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