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Guided Functions

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    cluster replacement

Dynamic Commencement of Injection

Descriptive coding menu

New Key Coding

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Autologic covers all VW and Audi vehicles from 1992 - 2011 and all Seat and Skoda vehicles from 1996 - 2011 Full technical specifications are available from www.autologic.com

Using this

feature, the coding options are determined from the old

control unit. The new unit is then coded with the correct options. users do not need to manually set all of the coding options.

Vehicles that are fitted with Electric Parking Brake systems require a diagnostic routine to replace basic service items such as brake pads. Simple to use guided

functions on the

step the user through the service process.

Calibration is necessary after any routine service work of the suspension


is capable of calibrating the suspension systems.

There are a growing number of vehicles where servicing is no longer a simple

procedure. All variants are now covered by


A guided function on

aids the user in adjusting the pump timing of

diesel engines. Clear instructions are provided to time the pumps, taking into account the engine's current operating conditions.

TVs, by default, are restricted from being viewed whilst the car is in motion. This

limitation can be removed on various vehicles using the specific function.


Associated diagnosis and repair instructions are included for a variety of fault


provides the user with highlighted tests to work through,

helping to reduce the time spent rectifying a fault.

Understanding the large number of coding options available is always going to be

a difficult task. Via the ‘Descriptive Coding’ feature on the

, the available

options are identified and presented in an ‘easy-to-use’ fashion, permitting the user to configure the car quickly and easily.

New vehicles are now subject to tight emission laws and regulations which require the vehicles to monitor and flag any related issues of the way in which a car's engine is running. Once reset, the Readiness Codes must then be reinitialised, requiring the

car to put through an extensive list of specific driving conditions.

helps the

user to sequentially work through each step, ensuring all conditions are met plus, will highlight any potential problem areas.


Autologic covers all vehicles from 1995 - 2011 Full technical specifications are available from www.autologic.com

JAGUAR has complete flash programming capability. JAGUAR frequently release updated tune files and gearbox programs. Any workshop offering comprehensive servicing of JAGUAR vehicles needs this functionality. On X150 (XK)

& X250 (XF) chassis, all modules are flash programmable,

also allows the

Service Functions

restoration of configuration data, to restore a corrupt vehicle to the specification it left the factory.

Many control modules contain information relating to the configuration and specification of the vehicle to which they are fitted. Modifying this data can enable or disable the functionality of particular components. Operations such as replacing electronic control units due to failure, or modifications to the vehicle such as fitting Bluetooth or an ipod interface are all possible using comprehensive coverage.

Performance Tuning

Suspension system problems are common on JAGUAR XJ’s. Workshops equipped

with an

JAGUAR are in prime position to take on any work involving

diagnosing, reconfiguring or calibrating air suspension systems.

JAGUAR allows the user to carry out key and remote programming or

replacement on all JAGUAR vehicles.

gives the operator the ability to

quickly substitute any control module involved in the security system from another car; for example engine control modules, instrument clusters, body modules and

door modules.

will then perform an “Immobilisation Reset”, aligning

the modules and allowing the engine to start. Substituted modules can then go straight back to their original vehicle if required.

Car Configuration File (CCF) Data

In order to replace rear brake pads or other components on JAGUARS fitted with

an Electronic Parking Brake, a diagnostic tool such as

is required to reset

the motor to the service position, moving the pads right back away from the disc.

Air Suspension Calibration

Jim Quirke, Millenium Jaguar, Croydon, UK

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