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Language Change-over

Electronic Throttle Module (ETM) Reload

Ease of Use

Repair Procedures

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Autologic covers all vehicles from 1996 - 2010 Full technical specifications are available from www.autologic.com

Vehicles requiring language changes can be easily adapted to a new language

using the

. The

'Language Change' function also provides

users with the latest software versions to recover DIM (Driver Information Module) hardware issues. Additionally, language changes are available in languages not available from VOLVO, such as Polish.

Engine Control Module (ECM) and Electronic Throttle Modules (ETM) often need refreshing with the latest software to overcome running issues or 'check engine' light situations. These upgrades can be requested and then downloaded through

the website.

Another frequent issue that

can easily resolve through software

upgrades is harsh up-shift and down-shift problems which produce drivability

issues. Using the

, most problems can be easily resolved and eradicated

through software upgrades.

For all upgrades, the

unit has an in-built test function that will

determine and notify the user if upgrades are required and will provide the option for the user to programme the control module.

With large touch screen buttons and an extensive on screen help menu, the

tool is easy to use. The speed at which

processes information

is also of note when compared to other diagnostic tools.

Arne Nakstad, Moan Auto A/S, Levanger, Norway


Autologic covers all vehicles from year 2000 - 2011 Full coverage including vans and early vehicles to be introduced shortly Full technical specifications are available from www.autologic.com

provides comprehensive BSi and UCH module coverage including configurations and fault history. This allows independent garages to set up these critical modules and individually analyse each element of the module.

BSi Modules

has an enhanced quick test to allow multiplex network testing. This enables the user to view any modules that are fitted to the multiplex networks so that modules with incorrect programming or those that have faults present, can then be quickly identified.


software feature gives users the ability to select the parameters they

Multiplex Network Testing

wish to view, giving increased flexibility for users. They can record and playback the chosen parameters to pinpoint a problem more precisely.

This extracts the extended information stored in the module at the time the fault occurred. The stored information is reported alongside the live data for easy analysis and comparison.

Dynamic Data Feature

PSA Key Coding

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