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SCO-1 16-pin OBD II ODU

SAO-3 Power Supply ODU

SCS-9 USB Ethernet Adapter

SAO-4 IEC Mains lead UK only*

SCS-10 Network Cable

SCO-2 Extension Cable ODU

*For all other country variants, please contact your local distributor

BCO-1 20-Pin ODU For use with BMW vehicles only

Chargeable extra

MST-1 For use with BMW vehicles only

Each hardware system is supplied with a standard set of cables plus cables relevant for individual vehicle brands.

The hardware unit and cables are contained in a durable rugged flight case for extra protection in the workshop environment.

LCO-1 LR Blue ODU For use with Land Rover vehicles only

LCO-2 LR Red ODU For use with Land Rover vehicles only

LCO-3 LR Green ODU

For use with Land Rover vehicles only

LCO-4 LR Yellow ODU For use with Land Rover vehicles only

LCO-5 Battery Cable ODU For use with Land Rover vehicles only

MCO-1 38-Pin Multiplex ODU For use with Mercedes vehicles only

MSC-5 OBD to 4-Pin Banana Plug For use with Mercedes vehicles only

MSC-2 Sprinter (Europe) OBDII socket For use with Mercedes vehicles only

PCO-1 19-Pin ODU For use with Porsche vehicles only

SVA-1 2-Pin For use with VW/Audi vehicles only

SCO-4 PSA OBD (red) and SCO-5 Renault Cross-Over cable (green) are also available for customers with units without the LAN port and are for use on CAN vehicles (2004 onwards)

FCS-1 2-Pin For use with Peugeot and Citroën vehicles only

FCS-2 30-Pin

FCS-3 12-Pin

For use with Peugeot and Citroën vehicles only

For use with Renault vehicles only

All PSA/Renault cables can be used with NON-Ethernet cables but only FCS-1, FCS-2 and FCS-3 can be used with Ethernet cables

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Electronically safe battery support unit charger with rapid charging function.

Provides the vehicle with constant voltage and current during diagnosis and re-programming of the vehicle's software. The integrated USB port ensures that the charger is completely future-proof; software updates can be easily loaded.

  • Battery charge with the option to pre-select capacity for all types of starter battery

  • For (re)charging or charge conservation of conventional lead acid, lead calcium/silver batteries or sealant type (AGM, MF), as well as maintenance-free lead gel batteries, without disconnecting from the vehicle power supply

  • All functions (battery capacity, nominal voltage, service function, FSV/buffering function) can be clearly viewed and set on the display

  • All present charging data (charging current, charging voltage, Ah charged so far), are shown on the display

  • Based on Active Inverter Technology

  • Integral USB port

  • Automatic current input test 'l-Check' integrated from series number 1935

Diagnosis support and charging mode: Supplies parallel loads during diagnosis. The charger offers maximum safety during this process, with a current of 70 Amps

External power supply without battery, e.g. during battery change, in showrooms or at trade fairs

Low-power batteries can be recharged in this mode (desulphating). This process takes place via a microprocessor-controlled IUIoU characteristic

Rapid charging as a result of Active Inverter Technology

Motor cars (workshop, showroom)

Electronic reverse polarity protection, thermal overload protection, safety cut- out, electronically safe

ACCTIVA Professional Flash Max. charging current / max. boost current Battery capacity Mains voltage +/- 15 % Max. power consumption Nominal charging voltage Final charge voltage (depends on selected characteristic) Charging characteristic Dimensions (l x w x h) Weight Marks of conformity Mains lead Length of charger lead

Professional Flash

Professional Flash UCN

Professional Flash JP

230 - 240 V

50 / 70 A 10 - 250 Ah 100 - 120 V 1230 W 12 V 13.5 - 16.2 V IUoU / IUIoU / IU 315 x 200 x 110 mm 5 kg TÜV North America

100 - 120 V

CE, TÜV NSW (Australia)

TÜV PSE (Japan)

the correct mains lead for the destination country will be supplied




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