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The resources released in 2006 funded the prior actions for executing projects with assured financing, such as: rehabilitation of the Amoreira I (ABEDA) aqueduct; the clean water carriage systems I and II (ABEDA); the Canga, Obo Longo, and Pau Sabão water supply systems (Taiwan); building up the laboratory for water analysis (Taiwan); rehabilitating the safe water supply systems in rural areas. In the fight against cholera the government, in partnership with multilateral and bilateral institutions and using the services of NGOs, intervened in a number of communities to collect and channel water, build and renovate water fountains and latrines, with a view to improving public access to water and sanitation in these communities. Homes and places where cholera cases emerged were also disinfected, and awareness and information campaigns were carried out during the period. It should also be noted that the public participated in cleanup and trash removal in the town of Neves and in schools and day care centers, and in collection, construction and renovation processes. Social Protection

With respect the social promotion and protection of the most underprivileged populations, we shall review the actions taken by the Social Action arm of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security, Solidarity, Women, and Family with a view to social protection and social integration.

In that connection, the resources made available in 2006 were used to fund a number of training actions in the Budo-Budo Training School, to pay subsidies, and to settle other pressing problems. It should be noted that 42 persons whose houses had been destroyed by fire were beneficiaries of the subsidy. Support and social outreach was provided in particular to underprivileged mothers thereby allowing them to be included in some social projects whereby their school-age children benefited from purchases of school supplies, such as clothing, backpacks, and binders. This subsidy also provided support for NGOs in the Seeds for the Future program. This program consists of financial support to NGOs engaged in social actions with underprivileged school-age children, namely orphans, the handicapped, etc.

The Directorate intervened in solving other emergency social problems, such as funerals, purchases of medicine, eyeglasses, school supplies, construction materials, sheets of galvanize, and financial support for receiving blood from the Hospital Center.

IV. Analysis of Changes in NPRS Indicators

The analysis is performed on the basis of indicators obtained from administrative sources since the mechanism for producing indicators has not yet been established, although that task has been entrusted to the INE for 2007.

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