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different agencies in meeting the aforesaid objective. In light of the fact that 2006 was disrupted by various political, economic and social events, the conditions required for implementing the mechanism were also affected. Thus the Poverty Reduction Observatory (PRO), the technical agency responsible for spearheading the implementation of the mechanism, saw little improvement in terms of techniques and stability to coordinate and monitor the sectoral actions planned for the year.

After the inauguration of the XI constitutional government, the process of informing the new members of government of the existence of the mechanism, ongoing activities and those necessary for implementing the mechanism had to be started over.

Under those circumstances, the observatory was asked to participate in drafting the government’s program and in preparing broad options for planning and for the general government budget.

Subsequently, the new focal points were confirmed and named by the new members of government, working sessions were held with them on the role of the sectoral focal points in the monitoring structure, namely the NPRS monitoring and information system. [Translator’s note: The Portuguese is unclear. This is an interpretation]

The Economic and Statistical Observatory for Sub-Saharan Africa (Afristat), the subregional institution for NPRS and MDG monitoring information systems, was contacted to help with the installation of the information system. An initial mission by consultant Ousmane Soule took place in July with the objective of learning the philosophy of the system, taking stock of the situation, and drawing up a work plan for its installation and for drafting the procedures manual. The mission was completed, the work plan prepared and a second mission was scheduled for November 2006. Owing to communication problems, the mission was postponed till the second half of January 2007.

The PRO managers participated in different training and information events at home and abroad on poverty-related issues.

Preparatory work is underway to implement the different arms of the monitoring mechanism (the technical committee and advisory council) so that they can start operating in 2007.

Despite the efforts made to start up the Observatory, this agency has faced some constraints, namely:

Insufficient staff; training needs in project implementation and monitoring by the sectors; nonexistence of data; lack of motivation on the part of the focal points (insufficient salaries and subsidies, lack of equipment); no sectoral coordination and accountability mechanisms.

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