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San Francisco to Puget Sound north of Seattle

T e r c h e d o n a h e a d l a n d n o r t h o f t h e t o w n o f F l o r e n c e , O r e g o n , t h i s a i t b o a s t s a powerful first-order lens v to its origin isible up to 40 km out to sea.

including the highest standards of maintenance and cleanliness. White-gloved inspectors would arrive with- out warning. There are tales of keepers and their families turned out on their ear for such unpardonable misde- meanors as leaving washing on the floor.

In 1995, when the U.S. Forest Service advertised for people to run a B&B at Heceta Head light station, Mike and Carol Korgan were chosen from some 500 replies. Today their daughter Michelle and her husband run the B&B. Part of the money from the B&B is put into a resto- ration fund. Some $60,000 to $80,000 a year is spent on projects to improve the lighthouse—hence the stunning, perfectly restored interior. The food is equally splendid. “We are pretty sure that we are going to stop at a seven- course breakfast,” says lighthouse staff member Kim Wright.

“Terrible Tilly” By no means every lighthouse was as picturesque or as welcoming as Heceta Head. The loneliness of the life could have a terrible effect on keepers and their family. In her fascinating account of lighthouse lives, Guardians of the Lights, Elinor De Wire relates how the keeper of Maine’s Seguin Lighthouse murdered his wife because she could only play a single song on the piano.

Perhaps with such incidents in mind, several par- ticularly challenging lighthouses were designated “stag

San Francisco to Puget Sound north of Seattle

San Francisco to Puget Sound north of Seattle



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