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Microsoft Office 2003 Editions: Overview of Developer TechnologiesSeptember 2004

the Package Wizard through the Windows Installer scripting language and by using any third-party tools that support Windows Installer files.

A common, tedious task when developing a solution can be the need to change the name of a feature or UI object that cascades throughout the solution. The Property Scanner Add-In allows you to search globally throughout an Access solution for custom strings. The tool searches all the properties or code in tables, queries, forms, reports, and modules—nearly all objects within Access are searched. When the search completes, the Property Scanner Add-In provides a search results list and enables you to jump directly to the object in which the custom string is located.

To prepare for packaging, the Custom Startup Wizard helps you create an MDE file, which is an Access solution (MDB file) that is stripped of all source code. MDE files provide a secure solution that you can then distribute among one or more customers. To use this tool, you simply need to specify the original solution, the destination database, and ay additional options and startup settings. Everything else is automatic, saving you much time at the end of a development cycle.

Access 2003 Developer Extensions include the complete source code for the tools included in the product, such as the Property Scanner Add-In, Custom Startup Wizard, and the Package Wizard. Each of these tools is written in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). You can create customized versions of these tools for your own benefit or to meet the needs of their enterprises.

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Learn more information about the Access 2003 Developer Extensions: http://msdn.microsoft.com/office/technologyinfo/devtools/accessextensions/default.aspx


Microsoft Office 2003 Editions offers the latest innovations for delivering rich solutions targeted at one of the world’s most popular software programs. Through the use of XML and Web services, Office 2003 Editions becomes a highly connected platform to share data between applications, among processes, across enterprises and beyond. With intelligent and extensible technologies including Smart Documents, smart tags, programmable task panes and a suite-wide research library, Office continues to equip you to build applications for any audience of users that satisfy a wide range of business needs.

Finally, Office 2003 Editions offer a professional development environment that builds on your knowledge and skills; simplifies deployment and management; and provides rich functionality, options, and choices. Office 2003 Editions offers innovative tools for building intelligent business applications.

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