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Microsoft Office 2003 Editions: Overview of Developer TechnologiesSeptember 2004

Appendix 1. Solution Guidance

This section provides guidance as to which technologies may be more appropriate for specific development scenarios. Some information is directional though there is no commitment that Microsoft deliver such functionality or in the form described.

Scenarios included

Allow user to query corporate information sources at will while using Office

Allow user to use terms marked as smart tags in an Office document to bring up relevant views of corporate information and execute related actions

Pull information from any Web service into an Office document

Build a smart document solution with Word or Excel

Creating a rich, dynamic Word or Excel report

Creating a Word or Excel report on a server

Place custom UI elements on a document

Build a custom task pane to display content

Capture XML information using an Office application

Build a solution that can work with an offline

Build custom Excel worksheet functions

Roadmap for future VBA migration

Table 2. Scenario-based solutions



Allow user to search corporate information sources while using Office

When using Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint

Recommend Research Services. For informational or copy/paste purposes primarily. It is a simple, yet elegant Web service implementation, accessible by the user at any time through the task pane.

If there is a need to tie information together from multiple back-end systems, you can use Information Bridge Framework to aggregate the information. Then, you can build a Research service as a front-end service to these Information Bridge Framework Web services.

When using Word, Excel, Outlook

Recommend Information Bridge Framework, if an organization is:

Already investing in an Information Bridge Framework infrastructure

Interested in giving users actions to execute against back-end data

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