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Microsoft Office 2003 Editions: Overview of Developer TechnologiesSeptember 2004

objects" rather than individual data fields

The solution needs to present a unified view of information coming from multiple back-end systems.

This approach takes advantage of both Information Bridge Framework’s efficient meta-data and Web services architecture, and data binding and manipulation in "Visual Studio Tools for Office version 2005 (beta)".

When using InfoPath

Recommend using Visual Studio and InfoPath UI. Use Visual Studio to develop code that populates data in a form the latest Web service standards, and use InfoPath UI to provide out-of-the-box connectivity for secondary data sources.

When using Outlook, PowerPoint

Recommend using Visual Studio with the Office 2003 Editions PIAs to develop a custom solution. This allows you to benefit from Visual Studio’s capabilities to connect to Web services and manipulate XML data. Web service capabilitiess in the next version of Information Bridge Framework will help you if:

Data from multiple business systems is needed

An organization is already investing in an Information Bridge Framework infrastructure.

Build a smart document solution with Word or Excel

A smart document is a Microsoft Office Word 2003 or Microsoft Office Excel 2003 document mapped to an underlying XML structure, which can be programmed to automatically deliver context-sensitive help information, auxiliary data, actions and custom tools as the user moves through the XML structure in the document. This helps information workers more efficiently work with the document.)

When using Word, Excel

Recommend "Visual Studio Tools for Office version 2005 (beta)". The new action pane tools coming in "Visual Studio Tools for Office version 2005 (beta)" provide an efficient way to create managed code solutions that use the task pane and a document’s XML structure. With these tools, you have the most flexibility regarding the complexity and formatting of task panes that you can build and how tightly they connect to document manipulation. If you intend to pull information from back-end systems for integration in the task pane or document, "Visual Studio Tools for Office version 2005 (beta)" UI can pull through Web services using the next version of Information Bridge Framework, giving you the advantages of referencing logical business objects optionally across multiple data sources.

Recommend ISmartDocument interface for COM-based

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