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Hello friends! This year marks our 47th anniversary of employment train- ing, job placement, and job retention pro- grams. We are proud to partner with you in people’s success!

Victories DT & H/Pre-Voc. program continues to grow. With our growth, we cur- rently serve 49 clients. WCI Hutchinson has transitioned from production skills training to retail skills training with the open- ing of our new Thrift Store. WCI’s The Resource Center Pro- gram (TRCP) has received continued generous support from the Otto Bremer and Robins, Kaplan, Miller and Ciresi Foundations. Subcom- mittee members raised over $4,500 this spring for scholarships to assist children/teens/adults with disabilities or their parents/support staff. Regional NAMI, Autism, ADHD/ ADD, Down Syndrome and TBI groups have formed, or grown, with help from TRCP staff. Center-based work, cleaning crews, and Gurley’s have had steady work all summer! The Meals on Wheels Program con- tinues to serve thousands of people per month. Clients are working at The Oaks, Renvilla Nursing Home, and other new individual and enclave sites. 40 clients work on the Kandiyohi County Recycling Center team. RSB’s new internship program will help us to help more people. Clients are benefiting from the new minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

Difficulties State & Federal funding has continued to decline, as program costs increase.

We continue to address significant recession-related organizational budget concerns. Food costs for Meals on Wheels have increased (along with the need for volunteer drivers). Staff have had to continue to cut their budgets. Cuts have not impacted clients’ direct work skills program- ming, but have impacted all other areas of WCI. As of June, staff took mandatory 5% pay cuts and 8 hrs. unpaid leave each month. Our Board offered staff the ability to fill in on our production line (in place of temp. workers) to help make up for some of the pay cut. Businesses are slow to rebound from their “no-hire” practices. We haven’t filled vacated staff posi- tionsthis has added to the caseloads of our staff and lead to integrating the caseloads between our DD and MH programs.

We are always interested in your ideas, information, contacts, and other insight.

Call and ask for me anytime!


Charlie Oakes

Charlie Oakes, CEO 320-235-5310 x 203

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