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How to Complete Web Based Training on the SMART Website User Procedure

Statewide Management, Accounting and Reporting Tool

How to Complete Web Based Training on the SMART Website

Step 1.


From the SMART Home Page (http://da.ks.gov/smart/) navigate to the SMART Training Home Page.

Click the Training link.


Each SMART training course has its own web page with course objectives as well as links to helpful resources related to that course. For the web-based training courses, there is a link included to navigate to the course outline and complete web-based training.

Click the SMART Course Catalog link.


The SMART Course Catalog opens in a new window. Use the Maximize/Restore button to see the entire page.

Click the Maximize/Restore button.

  • 4.

    Use the right scrollbar to view the remainder of the courses in the course catalog. Note: On some monitors, this simulation may not launch in full screen mode. If you do not see a red rectangle outlining the right scroll bar that is part of the simulation graphic, use the gray scrollbar at the bottom of your window to view the right-hand side of the picture. Alternately, adjust your browser display to less than 100% until the simulation can be viewed in the full screen. Click the right scrollbar.

  • 5.

    Choose the course materials page that you wish to view. For this simulation, use the DAGN201: Introduction to Navigating in SMART course in order to understand the use of buttons as well as simulations within the web-based training.

Note: DAGN101 is the first course that all SMART users will take. You should complete DAGN101 before completing DAGN201.

Click the DAGN201: Introduction to SMART link.

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