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How to Complete Web Based Training on the SMART Website User Procedure

Statewide Management, Accounting and Reporting Tool

Step 22.


To keep the web-based training interesting, many slides have pictures or graphics coded to display more information when you roll your mouse over them.

For this simulation, use the Next button to move to a slide with rollover graphics.

Click the Next button.

  • 23.

    Notice that the instructions in the bottom, center of the slide indicate that you need to roll your mouse over a part of the screen to see more information.

  • 24.

    Simply move your mouse over one of the checkmark images on this slide, and more information is displayed.

For this simulation, move the mouse over the bottom checkmark.

  • 25.

    Notice that additional information is now displayed on the screen. Moving the mouse away from the checkmark graphic will cause the additional information to be hidden again.

  • 26.

    Many of the SMART web-based training courses make use of simulations to practice the tasks you will perform in SMART. For this simulation, use the Next button to view a slide that jumps to a simulation. Click the Next Button.


Each simulation slide describes the task that you will complete. Notice that the instructions at the top and at the bottom, center ask you to click the computer icon to launch the simulation.

Note: It is important not to skip the simulations as they form the core practice that you will receive for each task you will perform in SMART.


To launch the UPK simulation, click the Computer icon.

Click the Computer icon to view the simulation.


The simulation, also known as a UPK (User Productivity Kit), launches in a new window and automatically maximizes to full screen.

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