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How to Complete Web Based Training on the SMART Website User Procedure

Statewide Management, Accounting and Reporting Tool

Step 30.


Notice that the yellow information bubble in the simulation is the same as in this simulation. The UPK software was used to create both!

This simulation is set to move through the steps automatically. However, each SMART UPK simulation requires that you complete the action designated at the bottom of each yellow information bubble in order for the simulation to progress.

  • 31.

    After you have reached the end of the UPK simulation, you will receive a congratulatory message indicating that you need to press Enter to finish.

  • 32.

    Each UPK has a background page, known as a gateway page, which remains open when you have finished the simulation. Use the Close button to exit this page.

Click the Close button.


When you have completed the simulation, you are returned to the web-based training slide where you started. Use the Next button to progress through the lesson.

In this simulation, click Next to move to a Lesson Checkpoint slide.


At the end of most web-based training lessons, you will see a series of quiz questions designed to help you review the material you just covered. The questions will show if you answered correctly, but are not graded.

Click Next to advance to the first quiz question.

  • 35.

    There are five different types of quiz questions: Multiple Choice (shown) - Choose the one answer you feel is correct True/False - Indicate whether a statement is true or false Multiple Response - Choose all answers that apply Fill in the Blank - Some fill-in-blank questions provide a drop-down with choices while others require you to type your answer Matching - Match the items on the right of the screen to the items on the left of the screen by dragging and dropping or typing the letter of your answer Regardless of the type of question, when you are done answering, click the Submit button to receive feedback. Once you completed the question, use the Next button to move to the next slide.

  • 36.

    For this simulation, answer a multiple choice question by clicking the radio button next to answer A.

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