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Help Sheet 13 • Rate Amounts for PWD and PPMB Benefits

Other Benefits for People with Children If you have children, you are eligible for the Family Bonus and the National Child Ben- efit. The amount you will receive depends on your specific situation. For example, the age of your child, or whether or not you are single parent, will affect the amounts. A single person on PWD or PPMB with one child under 7 years old, may get about $200 a month in addition to the support portion of their benefits. The Family Bonus and National Child Benefit are administered by the federal government. For information, please call 1-800-622-6232.


Supplements are extra benefits you can receive from MSDSI in addition to your shel- ter and support allowances. These include monthly diet allowances, nutritional sup- plements and crisis grants. You should talk to the Ministry about whether or not you qualify for any of these supplements. You may also want to look at our Help Sheet 3: Checklist for the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Benefit and Help Sheet 7: Health Supplements for People with Disabilities.

Comforts Allowance

Some people who live in group homes or residential facilities may be eligible for a $95 monthly allowance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions we are often asked at Advocacy Access.

  • Q.

    What if I am paying room and board for my accommodation?

  • A.

    The Ministry will pay you the same amount you pay for your room and board, plus

an additional $60 per month. If you have dependent children, you will receive $40 per child, up to the combined shelter and support maximum for your family size (please see the table in this Help Sheet). If you are receiving room and board from a parent or a child, the MSDSI will only give you your support maximum.

Q. Why do some people with the same family size and rent receive more or less ben- efits than me? A. Different factors can change the amount of benefits a person receives. These in- clude supplements, like a diet allowance, that will increase the amount of a person’s cheque, and repayment agreements to the Ministry which will reduce the amount of money a person receives. You have the right to ask the Ministry to explain how your benefit rate has been calculated.

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