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    Detailed Traffic Information: This includes information about overall traffic to the site, number of unique visitors (or reach) and average number of page views per visitor. Detailed charts are available for a period of two years.

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      Related links: This section provides a list of links that visitors to the site also visit. This uses the cutting-edge personalization technology developed by Amazon.com.

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      Other Information: Load-time, Number of sites that link to the site, If pop-ups are enabled and the date since the site was online.

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      Contact Information: This includes Owner, Address, Phone Number, and Contact email address.

Pros and Cons of Alexa.com


There are several advantages of using the Alexa toolbar. First, the Web information

gathered by Alexa services is free and publicly available through its website. Therefore, Alexa

qualifies as a very cost effective way for companies to gather data on site traffic. This is a

tremendous advantage for many populations- including the managers of medium and small size

enterprises and those with small information technology (IT) departments. In our experience, the

B-COP methodology is ideal for MBA classes on E-Commerce, Marketing and Strategy. It

provides instructors a simple way to get students to think about online competition. Second,

Alexa, which is a part of Amazon, is a reputable company operating since 1996. The company is

able to leverage its brand and its established trust to encourage consumers to install its toolbar.

Third, the user community of the Alexa toolbar has been growing. At the time of writing, the

Alexa toolbar runs on at least 10 million personal computers worldwide.


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