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Art itself shows us the constructive value of mobility. According to Edouard Glissart, art is the only field where it is possible to admit that, in the encounter of different cultures, the changes produced by the exchange of information are something positive and not a loss.

Regarding this, Flusser tells us “the advent of the expelled in exile leads to “external” dialogues. This spontaneously causes an industrious creative activity in the vicinity of the expelled. He is the catalyst for the synthesis of new information. If, however, he becomes aware of his uprootedness as his dignity, then an “internal” dialogue begins within himself; which is to say, an exchange between the information he has brought with him, and an entire ocean with waves of information that toss around him in exile. The goal is the creation of meaning between the imported information and the chaos that surrounds him.”5 So, according to him, the engagement of information brought from the starting point, from the receiving place and the transit between both, demands a creative initiative from the migrant.

Physical Displacement Journeying, migration, Diaspora, exile, and displacement are conditions of our time that challenge and question monolithic and uniform postures, they pose a new way of relating to the world. Migration becomes a symbolic production field. As stated by Blanca Ines Gómez de González in her book Viajes, migraciones y desplazamientos, people movements

entail a cultural sedimentation. Displaced people settle in communities that particularly cope with everyday life, so the arts then imply a decanting process.

The XVI Iberoamerican Summit of Heads of State and Government, in a special message,

asserted: “we recognize that migrants enrich cultural diversity and improve social and economic performance in the receiving societies.”6

5 Ibid.

6 Special Reports Section. Special Report from the XVI Iberoamerican Summit of Heads of State and

Government against the building of a wall in the frontier between Mexico and the US. http://www.oei.es/xvicumbrecom.htm#1 consulted on November 19, 2007.

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